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  • Can I port my number?
    Absolutely! We can port any eligible line number from an eligible carrier. Please note that some carriers have their own port-out-policies, and we will do our best to facilitate the process so you can keep your phone number.
  • Are there activation fees?
    There is a one time, per line enrollment fee of $30. We will not charge activation fees for any future device upgrades or changes.
  • What will I need to port my number?
    You need your current carrier billing name, address, and pin number. Currently Att, Verizon and Xfinity require a porting pin. Verizon/Xfinity: Dial #PORT to request a Number Transfer PIN Att: Call *PORT. Follow the prompts to get your Number Transfer PIN sent to you via text You'll need your wireless passcode to complete your request.
  • How do I know if my phone will work on the network?
    You can check your device network status here. Devices must be unlocked by the existing carrier before they will work on T-Mobile’s network. Please communicate with your service provider to determine their unlock device policies.
  • Can I purchase a new phone?
    Yes! We have access to T-Mobile’s full line of devices and when you purchase your device at full retail price it will arrive unlocked.
  • What if I'm currently on someone else's T-Mobile account? Can I still participate?
    All employees and members are eligible for the program, but you may need the authorized account holder to approve the transfer prior to us being able to move the number(s) in question to the employee benefits account.
  • Do you have bill installments on new phone purchases?
    Currently, we are not offering Equipment Installment Plans on the mobile benefits account.
  • Do you have insurance coverage?
    We are currently unable to offer insurance through the mobile benefits program. Please visit to set up a policy directly with Asurion.
  • How will I receive my bill?
    You will receive your invoice directly from once Apex Wireless populates your invoice You can pay your enrollment fees and monthly invoices, set up auto-pay or submit a ticket at
  • Will I lose my voicemails?
    Since moving a voice line between accounts may delete voicemail. Please visit here for steps on how to backup and restore important information.
  • What happens if I am no longer an Employee?
    If you leave on good terms, do not have a history of collections and continue on-time payments, you may keep your special pricing. Alternatively, if terminated, or have had more than three disconnects, the following terms would apply: • In the event my employment is terminated, I understand I have the right to transfer my Mobile number(s) to a personally liable account with T-Mobile at no additional charge. I understand that if I do not comply within 30 days of the termination date that my mobile phone number(s) may be subject to cancellation at that time. Unlocked Devices If you are participating in a rate plan which offers a discounted device, said device will not be “unlocked” or “owned” by you until a subsidy has been fulfilled on that line. To bring your device to another carrier within a 24-month period, you may need to pay the difference in discounts previously received in order to unlock the device early.
  • How does the transfer from an existing account work?
    Step 1: You will need to reach out to T-Mobile Customer Care at 800-937-8997 to have you number(s) released. Step 2: We will send you a billing registration email and pay enrollment fee(s). Step 3: Once paid, you’ll get a DocuSign from account to sign T-Mobile transfer paperwork. Step 4: Apex will send your request to the carrier for processing, and once your number is moved billing will begin.
  • How many lines can I have?
    Per T-Mobile policy, employees are eligible for one voice, one data, and one wearable line. Family/friends are not eligible for this program.
  • What if I currently have T-Mobile?
    Your current plan and equipment must be paid in full and unlocked. Once completed, fill out a request here and we will begin the process.
  • Are there any service fees?
    There will be a monthly administrative service fee of $5 per line, per month, plus any applicable taxes. Admin Fee Taxes will be based on your billing address, carrier taxes, your zip code.
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